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The expeditionary armies lead by Amon walked though the gate into the dark world ruled by Ganon. They poured out of the gate like a flood of water. The armies marched down the side of the pyramid. “There are beasts ahead at the base. What shall we do, General Amon?” asked a soldier.

Slay them. Slaughter them all in the creator and his wife's name. We shall show these beasts the might and fury that our Lord has entrusted us as warriors of Soleil.” ordered General Amon.

The armor-clad Soleil soldiers charged the moblins at the base of the pyramid, impaling them and chopping their heads off. The moblins and other monsters fought back. They hurled spears at the soldiers of Soleil. The Moblins wounded a few who fell off the side of the pyramid as the rest charged. The Humans they killed, were strawn about the bottom of the Pyramid wounded and bleeding and crying. The first Shaman Magicians with the Amulets of warding and magic staffs healed the wounded Soleilian soldiers who could get up and still fight.

Ganon's Forces Retaliated. He sent 150 Bokoblins, and 20 Wizzrobes loyal to him to attack the Soleilan invaders. The Bokoblins Smashed and whailed on the Human forces from Soleil. More Humans came though the gate, this time Archers, and Shaman. The Archers fired flaming arrows into the throats of the Bokoblins. Ganon pulled all his forces to stop more Humans from swarming out of the gate. He sent 70 Hinox, Taros, and Lynels after the Humans. The Humans inturn wheeled Spear tipped war machines through the gate, and catapults with explosive bolders.

The next thing to come through the gate were airborne Dhalia Dragons from the Soleilan Dark world. The Dragons were a conscripted force by the Humans. The dragons swooped down on Ganon's Minions. They breathed fire while others impaled more Moblins, and Gibdos. Many moblins could be heard screaming and whailing as their flesh was being burned off by the Dragons' fire. The Human armies put down the wounded with a stap through the eye, and proceeded on.

When they reached the  Village of Outcasts the Humans began torching everything in sight. They would often nail shut doors with theieves still inside and burn the buildings with monsters or theives still inside. Ganon again retaliated by sending Moldorms  which slew some of the Humans. The Solielan  Shaman struck the Moldorms with lightning repeatedly  to kill them. The Humans left the village of outcasts a blaze. They then made their way to the Eastern Ruins.

Ganon's forces had set up an encampment there as a front to hold against the invading Solielan Humans. The Shaman used their magic to bring about a plague among the forces of Ganon. The various creatures began dropping over of fever, some shaking with  chills and others vomiting on their knees. The Humans attacked when the creatures were sufficiently infirmed by the disease. Those they found on the ground sick they merely struck off their heads. Like likes and Gibdos they incinerated in a heap.

When Link the Hero came up to the burned out ruin of the  Village of outcasts, he was appalled by what he saw. "What sort of people could do this?!"
Monster World Storyboard

It has been 3 years since Asha defeated the Malevolent Deity BioMeka in the caverns beneath Rapadagna, Asha has become a defender of the Rapadagna Empire. She serves under Queen Iomen Purapril XIII. She is summoned to a shore on the western sea as that has been under attack by what has only been described as a large dragon attacking shoreline towns in the area. When She arrives she finds a this "Dragon" is mechanical in construction. The Machine is already heavily damaged.  After a struggle, Asha slices the machine apart with her scimitar.

Queen Iomen commanded Asha to go investigate the threat. So she provisioned a boat and set sail for the west. After many days of sailing, and almost running out of food, Asha and her sailors identified the costal harbor town of Barbarossa, leading to the Western Kingdom of Alsedo.

She ran into strange people with pointy ears and wings called Fairy Elves. After asking around she finally got to speak to a Human named Shion. She decribed the dragon she battled to Shion, and Shion said that while he had seen many dragons before, nothing made of metal like that. Shion suggeted that the dragon might have come from the Sky Castle, a maze like castle just outside Alsedo's capitol that floats on a small island in the sky. He also said there might be one other person that might know the origin of the mechanical dragon: Prince Bocke Temjin of Chidham.

Asha and Shion set out for Chidham together, and Shion noticed that Asha's skin was very brown and bronzed. He considered  her very beautiful, but he had never seen anyone, Human or fairy Elf with skin of that tone. Asha said sh considered his especially pale skin very unusual too. Asha told Shion that where she's from, everyone's skin is a varition of that color.

Asha and Shion found Bocke in a Tavern in Chidham. He was actively nursing a drink. Asha introduced herself, and explained how three years ago, she slew a Malevolent Deity in a carven beneath the ground in Rapadagna. She described it as a squid like creature with one center eye. Both Bocke and Shion reacted shocked by this news. Shion said "I was certain I slew Bio Meka in his fortress above the sky." Bocke then said: I fought the creature you are describing, long before any of you were born. It's called a mecha Dragon, its a kind of Dragon shaped Golem that isn't alive, and there are many of them, and they are controlled by BioMeka."

Bocke ordered Asha and Shion another round of drinks. He winked at the bartender and acted as if he was attempting to get them intoxicated. This worked much faster on Asha as Shion had consumed Alcohol before. Asha became beligerent and started acting attracted to Shion. They soon both passed out and Bocke had two fairy Elves carry them to the Sky Castle.

Asha and Shion woke up in a large bed in each others arms. They both are extremely hung over from the effects of the Alcohol. Bocke enters the room, and erlcomed them to the sky Castle. He said there is a Mecha Dragon here, and if Asha and Shion can defeat it, the castle is theirs, and they wil be free. Asha and Shion reacted angrily. Bocke apologized for the deception. If BioMeka is still alive, Shion and Asha need to be able to fight together effectively to defeat him.

Asha and Shion first tried to escape but were trapped by doors. They then resolved to do as Bocke asked. Upon reaching the Mecha Dragon, The Dragon seemed to exhale a blue flame with a ghostly face. Asha engaged the flame, but he seemed to be unable to damage it. Asha pulled out her Genie lamp and consulted the Genie's advice. The blue flame was immediately repulsed by the Genie, and the Genie managed to exersize the flame himself. When the Genie obliterated the fire, all of the minions of the blue flame vanished and the atmosphere became far less oppressive in the Castle and the Mecha Dragon also became dossile.

Bocke appeared and congradulated them. Shion embraced Asha and said "now we can get married!" Asha reacted as if she didn't know what he was talking about. "You don't remember last night you engorged yourself all over me! We made love for hours!" said Shion. A look of fear and panic came over Asha's face. Asha explains that while she is not married to someone else, having sex outside of marriage in Rapadanga is considered "Adultery" and can be punished, If she returns to Rapadanga with Shion as her Husband, thats even worse, she's a high level Commander, and he is a Foreign Knight. When Queen Iomen finds she out and she will, Asha is likely to be put in jail, and her parents

Shion cocked his head at the discovery that Asha's ruler had a last name of Purapril. Shion explained that Asha should appeal to the ruler of Alsedo, Sheila Purapril VII. Bocke appeared and Shion punched him in the face. He asked why Bocke got them intoxicated and why Bocke abducted them, and why he made them have sex so soon after meeting potentially ruining Asha's life. Bocke explained that he needed to know if Asha and Shion could work together to save the world this time.

With some hesitation, Asha did marry Shion, her people practiced Arranged marriage. This was idea was that if Asha married Shion, and gained Alsedo citizenship, she would live a life in exile from her family, but not go to jail or worse for her actions.

Meanwhile at Sheila Purapril's Castle four of her servants began acting strangely, they began speaking in broken up sentences one would finish the other's sentences.  They asked to see the Queen privately, and lured Sheila to her bedroom, once there, they presented her with a wooden box. They opened the box and a small eye peered out at her. the creature looked like a miniature squid that could walk on land using its tentacles. It dashed at Sheila and she sreuggled with it when a spear impaled it in the wall, killing it instantly. Sheila summoned Asha and Shion and explained the assassination attempt. Shion promised and vowed to track the creature to its source.

Shion pulled Bocke aside and asked him what was going on. Bocke explained that while yes, while Asha did slay the original BioMeka, that original creature has reproduced itself, and now there are many "children of BioMeka." possibly hundreds, by now. Bocke explained that he is actually over a thousand years old, and that he was the first Human the original BioMeka abducted. They constructed the Meka Dragons to fight for them because Humans and Fairy Elves fear them. Their actual purpose is to colonize this world, and eventually take it over. Their race is adapted to live in water, and this is the reason the original BioMeka was found in a catacomb, where an underground river may flow.

Reports from Bocke's Fairy Elf subordinates that strange artifacts have been found in the northern polar area of Chidham, Asha and Shion plan an expedition to Chidham, but as Shion goes to get supplies, he finds his house in Alsedo has been burned down. Shion hires Fairy Elves to staff the Sky Castle. He stakes claim that the Sky castle is now to be his new personal residence.

In the northern reigon of Chidham, a portion of BioMeka's Fortress is found. Everything is twisted, there is metal, snow, and ice everywhere. Asha is very cold. after sumbling around and digging they find what seems to be a nest, with eggs that hatched long ago. This confirmed the suspicions that BioMeka's offspring have begun to complete what BioMeka started. The couple travel back to Sheila's castle to explain what they have just found. Once there Shion and Asha learn of the attempt to assassinate Sheila Purapril. Shiela commands Shion to make Alsedo, if not the entire world safe by whatever means.

Soon after, a foreign ship approaches Alsedo. It is from Rapadagna, a country which did not know of the continent across the sea. Alsedo's guards reported to Sheila, who had Shion and Asha accompany her to the landing docks and greet the explorers. When Iomen disembarked, she was shocked to find her missing royal guardswoman, Asha, so far from home, and on the arm of a foreign national no less. She made the obvious assumption, backed up by Asha's guilty and fearful behavior; in full view of everyone present, she cursed the woman as a whore and adultress, and demanded Asha be returned to her to be whipped and imprisoned.

This was political dynamite, and Sheila's insistence that Asha was now a citizen of Alsedo and not subject to Iomen's laws could have started an international incident at first contact. Luckily, the more pressing issue of BioMeka's lingering presence diverted their attention, and the knowledge that Shion had also fought the alien tempered Iomen's violent anger.

A formal alliance between Alsedo and Rapadagna was instituted, with Asha and Shion charged with the mission of eliminating BioMeka from the world for good. It was at this meeting that Iomen and Sheila learned of their common ancestry via the Purapril line, some 13 generations removed.

Shion suggests that the first thing they should do is find a way to protect themselves from BioMeka's powers of mind control. Some of the Fairy Elves volunteer to attempt to find a poison that will kill BioMeka's progeny without killing the Human host. Sheila said she'd see to that while having her guards and Fairy maidens inform the population to watch out for certain symptoms of mind control.

Their efforts yield less than optimal results. While the fairy Elves manage to cure a few people by poisoning the creatures and killing them, they only get a few of them. Asha and Shion come to find that the creatures tend to live where there is water, and infect those who get to close. So their initial hypothesis is that the creatures are in the sea. As such they start making plans to see if the creaturescan't be harpooned like other sea life. They are going to set sail on a Fairy Elf vessel when shortly after leaving the harbor, the crew picks up a strange wooden crate. The crate contains a Genie's lamp, dissimilar from Asha's. Asha's Genie explains that there is another Genie in this lamp. This Genie is a woman. Asha and Shion rub the lamp together as a couple, and a Genie named Shantae appears.

Shantae expresses fear and confusion as to what has just happened. Shion and Asha introduces themselves as the Knights they are. Shion asks Shantae where she is from. Shantae says she is from a place called Scuttle Town, in Sequin Land. They then proceed to ask how she got in a crate floating in the ocean. She claimed she didn't know, or at the very least, couldn't remember. Due to her bronzed skin, Shion made the determination that Shantae must be of the same ethnicity as Asha, or from a nearby Reigon.

There was some debate amongst them whether they had time to take Shantae back to Scuttle town. Shion asked Shantae who might want to put her in a crate and ship her across the world,  she suggested that it was the Pirate Risky Boots who was responsible for doing this to her. Shion writes a letter to Queen Iomen asking about the location of Scuttle Town and if it is a location in Rapadanga. Iomens explained that Rapadanga has a  has a frontier area that is technically within the borders of her nation, but beyond the reach of her armies. In those areas, there are many small independent communities or city-states. Scuttle Town is likely to be within the national borders. Iomen said however that she did not have time to investigate this matter. The letter went on to say that Queen Iomen was losing control of her guards. Her guards and some of her subjects were conspiring against her.

Sheila had a ship of Fairy Elves and Humans to try and treat the disease. However the ship is attacked by a Pirate ship while on route. Shantae suggests that the pirate ship may be her nemesis Risky Boots. Shion laments that if Risky Boots is interfering with the efforts by the efforts of the two governments two control the BioMeka situation, Risky Boots is putting the entire world in peril. Shion suggests that Asha, Shantae and himself charter a battleship and travel to Rapadagna. Bocke disagreed. "If there are dangerous pirate ships out there, traveling by ship is an invitation to be sunk." replied Bocke.

Bocke takes Shion, Asha, and Shantae down to the room where the Mecha-Dragon resides. Silently, ponderously, and as inexorable as the tides, the castle rose, and moved. Bocke gave the Mecha Dragon some strange instructions  to move the entire castle to Rapadanga , giving it a series of numbers to instruct it how to reach Rapadagna. It was no faster than a brisk jog, and the robotic dragon slaved to the navigator's circuitry informed them that it would be a little under a week before arrival.

Four days into their journey, they encounter Risky Boots' pirate ship. Shantae remarks that the ship looks unusual, and has green glowing patches on the ship's Hull. Asha and Shion decide board the ship. They immediately attacked by Risky's Tinker bats. Risky's Tinkerbats had a single cycolps style eye. Asha and Shion saw trentacles lining the hull of the ship, and other creatures in the ship that didn't belong. Some of the machinery had been altered and Mimic's steam engine had been retrofitted and upgraded in a way Asha and Shion didn't understand. Asha and Shion did not have the necessary knowledge to shut the machines down. Asha and Shion had to retreat. This motivated Shion to proceed to Scuttle Town as it was now completely obvious that BioMeka's progeny had reached the reigon known as Sequien Land. Asha, Shion, and Shantae spent an additional four days to bypass Rapadanga and head further east to Scuttle town.

Upon arriving in Scuttle Town, Shantae went to her light house with Asha and Shion, and all was well. Shantae then went to her Uncle's house but Mimic was no where to be found. Shantae's home was relatively untouched, just as she remembered leaving it. Shantae went to go see Mayor Scuttlebutt and she introduced Asha and Shion. Mayor Scuttllebutt said that certain residents of Scuttle town abandoned their homes and jobs, including Mimic, and stood up and just started walking in unison out of town. Attempts to stop the adults affected were met with violence.

Asha and Shion explore the town with Shantae. They do find several missing people. Sky came running to said that Bolo was among those who fell under the control of whatever force was responsible. Sky described Bolo as being able to finish sentences before spoken by others.  
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