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One night out at sea, there is a shooting star that streaks overhead. It breaks up as it travels across the sky. Impacting far off shore in the distance causing a wave of water to strike out in the distance. The wave had subsided as far out to sea as the pirate Risky was, but it rocked her boat enough to dump her out of her hammock.

Risky tumbled from her hammock but lands on her hands, catching herself, and righting herself to a stand easily enough. She blinks a little bit making her way up deck moving towards the starboard side of the ship and pulls out her sextant to gauge the stars for a few moments to be sure that the ship hasn't drifted off course too much, before she whips out a spyglass to search the horizon. "What in blazes was that? Watch Duty! Report!" She bellowed to her men.

The Tinkerbat is looking at something in distance.... It beckons for her to come look. Something in the shape of a floating Island that is very small is moving very slowly twoards the ship's position. All you can see is rock at this elevation.

Risky stared at the object for some time, and frowns. "I've read a lot about the old world but that doesn't look familiar... " She shouts out to the night crew. "Starboard at Two O Clock, adjust heading and keep us at a slow sail, get the rowers to proceed with caution, we might be entering some choppy waters!"

As the object gets closer, you can see blue plumes of fire coming out of the bottom of it, and the blue plumes are what are holding the Island above the water it looks like, They displace large amounts of water as they travel. If whatever this is travels over top of you, the forces this thing is pushing down with will shred Risky's pirate ship.

Risky blinked as she gets a better look with the Spyglass well before it's too close, and she makes her way to the wheel. "Hard port! We need to steer clear of an unknown vessel! Battle stations, Sound the first alarms! Fire a flare and a warning shot to let them know we mean business and prepare the starboard cannons! Grapeshot, Explosive rounds, 20 pounders, get them piping hot! No slacking boys!"

The object changed course. Based on which way its going, its headed to Scuttle town. Risky seemed  rather confused about this, but she frowns. "The unknown vessel is disengaging. Go ahead and plot a course to follow but keep your distance!" She remarks, before she makes her way towards her cabin to get her log book. She intends to write about what happened, and get some more rest while trailing after the object.

Approaching it from another angle, you can get a look at what's on the Island - it looks like its just large enough to have a castle on it. Yes, am entire castle. The Island is just large enough to hold the castle and ends just a little after the end of the castle walls. However there was a noise from below decks. Something has slipped through one of the cannon ports and made a noise while doing so.

Risky blinked at the strange sound, and makes her way below deck on a rope ladder. "What was that sound?" She asks, looking alert. Risky made her way down as well, and blinks while looking around, lantern lights keeping the place pretty well lit. "What's going on down here?" She demands. The Tinkerbats are catatonic. Standing still. a large eye can be seen in the darkness. Like, a huge. cyclops eye of a warp squid. a whispered voice says: "You will assist me in constructing the Vigil of the Gods.…"
Risky glares at the eye, projecting a fearsome aura of killing intent as the usually blackened eyes along her bustier light up, glowing red. "The Pirate Master and Queen have no gods, we are only women and men!" She declares, drawing her flintlock out, and firing right at the pupil!

The light animates it in the darkness and it squeals... whatever it is. The Tinkerbats all hold their heads like they are in pain from the creature's injury… Risky had a very bad feeling about this, and grits her teeth. She quickly starts to scale the rope ladder above deck. "Men, those of you who are still with me, drop life boats, abandon ship, quickly!" Her instinct tells her that those of her crew whom are weak minded, have probably been influenced by whatever thing she saw, and she needs at least some of her crew to come along with her if she's got any left! "Life boats, Life boats! If your fellows fight you, flee!"
Tinkerbats were actively mutinying, only a few are still under your control. They are actively tearing apart the ones that aren't under the creatures influence.

Risky did her best to try and at least gather five of those who cannot defend themselves, using her cutlass and pistol to swat aside the ones who have turned on her. She's fought monsters before, but she cannot deal with both a monster and mutiny at the same time. "Hurry to a life boat...." She urges still, actually doing her best to defend some of the few loyal minions she has. Despite being ambitious and arguably evil, she's still loyal to her crew!

The creatures stop pursuing you and change course, following the course of the castle once you are off the ship. Risky grits her teeth at her ship being Hijacked. She's got a few Tinkerbats left though, and of course, she's still got the relics of the Pirate Master. "Ugh.... Sorry boys. I don't know what that was, but let's head towards Hypno Baron's castle in the north. There's a forest there. I can summon more of you there but we'll need resources to build a ship again." She remarks, looking annoyed. "I don't know what that thing was but it's going to pay…"

In the distance, there is an exchange of fire, the ship is actively firing upon the castle, ineffective as it seems. The Castles defending the returning fire and... there is an active battle going on. Until the ship is blasted by whatever weapons are on the floating castle.

Risky takes the oars of the lifeboat herself to let some of her shaken men rest while she rows in the direction of the battle. "Ugh.... What in blazes is going on over there? " She finds herself wondering, but at the same time, she's not going to attack with a lifeboat, and now she's more intent on staying away as they head towards the upper peninsula, some ways away from Scuttle Town.

Risky beaches the small ship with the few crew members she has, leaving one of them in charge of the lifeboat, while she has the others follow along with her towards Hypno Baron's castle. "We're going to get some axes and magic potions. It won't be the first time I've had to start over from scratch..." She admits, with some obvious annoyance. Risky has a few reasons to want to talk to Hypno Baron, considering she knows he's informed about mind control, she doesn't consider him a suspect, but she does think he might be able to help her manufacture some kind of protection against such, considering his strong will, and it's his specialty. She's also got her rainy day fund handy under her hat... a small cache of jewels and gold that should make a good bribe/payment.

"Risky, What brings you to the castle? I honestly expected to see Shantae first." asked the Hypno Baron.

Risky smiles a bit. "I've come to bargain. My ship was attacked by a monster unlike any of the creatures of the sea that I've tested my might against. It had some kind of mind control and forced several of my crew to mutiny. I was hoping you might have advice.... some way I can shield the minds of my Tinkerbats if I summon more of them... some magic potions to help with that, and we need tools so I can begin construction of a new ship. I can pay you up front. You're still reliable after all, aren't you?"
The Hypno Baron nodded.

"I've come to bargain. My ship was attacked by a monster unlike any of the creatures of the sea that I've tested my might against. It had some kind of mind control and forced several of my crew to mutiny. I was hoping you might have advice.... some way I can shield the minds of my Tinkerbats if I summon more of them... some magic potions to help with that, and we need tools so I can begin construction of a new ship. I can pay you up front. You're still reliable after all, aren't you?"

"I can try, but I have felt the mind of whatever is approaching Sequin Land. I'm not sure, but it might be a creature from the lost age. Did you see the shooting star come down?" asked Hypno Baron.

Risky nods a little bit. "It made waves rock my entire Ship. You know I don't come to others for help unless it's an emergency and I have no choice... I've only got five of my crew left from hundreds." She remarks gravely. "You'd best protect yourself and alert the other barons as well. It's in all of our best interest to avoid infighting."

It was early morning over Scuttle Town. All was quiet, the sun had not risen. A flaming ball of fire streaked across the sky. It impacted the water with a loud and thunderous crash. The water sent a tidal surge washing up to Shantae's light house. It drenched the small point of land, and nearly flooded the entrance. The citizens of Scuttle Town came outside to find their streets and filled with draining water ponds. Shantae herself came outside and said. “Did anyone just hear that enormous crash in the distance?”
“Half the town heard that, Shantae.” said Bolo as the mayor came running outside.
“Help! Help! The sun has come to take its revenge on me and claim my life!” exclaimed the Mayor.
“Mayor Scuttlebutt, don't worry, the sun hasn't come to claim your life.” said Shantae. “I'm going to go down to the beach to have a look around.” said Shantae. “Everyone just, go back home, and if anything else happens tell me, okay?”
The citizens of Scuttle Town dispersed. Shantae ran down to the beach, where there were small waves crashing against the shore. Walking along the beach, Shantae noticed dead fish and other sea creatures washing up on the land. “What happened to all these fish?” asked Shantae out loud.
“The falling star that struck the water hit the water so hard the shock killed the fish.” said a large red octopus.
“Squid Baron?” Shantae asked. “Did you see what happened here?”
“I saw a shooting star come down in a blaze of fire, it struck the water far out past the breakers. It's probably at the bottom of the sea by now.” said Squid Baron.
“I could go out there and try to look for it, but I might not find it on the bottom of the ocean. I'll ask Uncle Mimic what he thinks. Thank's Squid Baron!”
Shantae ran back to Mimic's lab. “Uncle?”
“What is it Shantae? Its still dark out and I really wanted to go back to bed.”
“Squid Baron says he saw a falling star strike the water.” said Shantae.
“A meteor. A rock from the space beyond this world.” said Mimic. “We should be thankful it didn't strike land, or some place in Scuttle Town.” said Mimic.
“Yeah, I think that would be really bad, and destroy someone's house.” said Shantae.
“Go back to bed. There's really no point to staying up.” said Mimic.
Shantae went back to bed and the event was largely overlooked for the next few days. Then one day Shantae saw the Mayor ordering steel mills and glass blowers to construct things. He had a pad of papers with drawings on them. “What are you doing?” asked Shantae.
“… I've felt so inspired to make things, so many idea just popped into my head.” said the Mayor. “For the past two nights, I've been visited by voices of spirits when I am alone.”
“Voices?” asked Shantae.
“You haven't heard them? They say your name when you are in your room all alone and no one is around?” asked the Mayor.
Shantae cocked her head to the side. “No, I don't hear voices at night.”said Shantae.
“It sounds like royalty.” said the Mayor. “They give me such confidence.”
“What are you talking about?” asked Shantae.
“I need to get to work.” said the Mayor.
The next day even more men and women saying they heard voices at night keeping them awake were found out and about working on things. Bolo was among them, this concerned Skye.
“I'm not sure how to help him. They just work till they can't.” said Skye.
“I'm going back to the beach. There has to be an explanation and I bet it has something to do with that shooting star.” said Shantae. “If you hear any voices don't listen.” Skye nodded.
The beach was normal, and quiet. Shantae walked along the beach. Shantae figured that there must be clues. She suddenly found herself being lifted from the ground. The genie shackles on her wrists glowed, and she accelerated out over the water. She moved faster and faster out over the sea, she was terrified as she had no control over which direction she was flying through the air. She found herself on a direct course for a floating castle on a small floating island, and gradually slowing down. She was then deposited on the ground before a couple. Shantae stood up. The man was tall and pale with soft blue eyes and blue hair. The woman had green hair, but she was strikingly similar to Shantae in appearance.
“What's going on?” asked Shantae
“This is a first.” said the Man. “This lamp summoned a woman, not a Genie.”
“She has ears like a Fairy Elf.” said the woman.
“I am a Genie! A Half Genie!” said Shantae in protest.
“You must be very confused. My name is Shion, and this is my wife, Asha.” said Shion.
“Shantae. Pleased to make your acquaintance… Now why have I been brought here against my will?!” Shantae noticed the couple had the magic lamp Risky Boots used to steal her powers. “Where did you get that?!” said Shantae.
“The bottom of the Ocean.” said Asha.
“How?!” asked Shantae.
“The castle helped us locate this. Now who might you really be and why do you look so similar to me?” asked Asha.
“My name is Shantae, I told you. That lamp is used to suck up magic, it can be used to strip me of my powers. So unless you want to steal my powers, its not ...”
“You don't look like a Genie.” said Shion. “You look like an ethnic Fairy Elf hybrid.”
“I'm only half Genie.” Shantae replied. “I don't know what a Fairy Elf is. I can only guess its an Elf that has Fairy powers.”
“How is one half a Genie?” asked Asha.
“I don't know. My father was Human.” said Shantae. “Now let me ask you two something...”
Asha and Shion nodded.
“Do you know anything about the shooting star that crashed into the sea, or the voices some of the people are hearing at night?” asked Shantae.
Asha and Shion's eyes widened, “I know nothing about any shooting star crashing into the sea. The stories of people hearing voices sounds depressingly familiar.” said Asha.
Shion followed up with. “Do they present themselves as gods or make big promises about gold and riches? Do they call out your name like they know you?” Shion interrogated Shantae.
“I don't have that much detail.” said Shantae. “I haven't heard any voices. So I don't know.”
“Captain Brenna.” asked Shion.
“Yes, Lord Shion?” responded someone entering from a stairwell.
“Set the Castle on a Course for whatever direction she came from.” ordered Shion.
“You're taking me home?” asked Shantae.
“We are professional soldiers. We are not kidnappers, slavers, bandits, or pirates. You are not a Genie. You are Human, therefore you have your own free will. We will not keep you here against your will.” said Shion. “But it sounds like the we have a situation to contain before things get out of hand. This is our job.” said Shion.
Mayor Scuttlebutt was sitting by his retreat as the floating castle cast a shadow over him. He looked up at the floating castle, and ran as fast as he could to find Shantae. Shantae, Brenna the Fairy Elf captain, Asha, and Shion descended on a platform. Skye was the first to show up to ask what was happening. ”Where have you been?!” asked Skye, “and who are they?”
“I think there are mercenaries. Professional monster hunters.” said Shantae.
“Do you know any more about what has happened to Bolo, and the Mayor?” said Skye.
“They might.” referring to the two visitors.
“Tell us what's been going on.” said Asha.
“Care to tell me your names?” said Skye.
“I'm Asha, this is my Husband Shion.” said Asha taking Shion's hand.
“Tell us what's happening.” asked Shantae.
“Fights have started breaking out between those that are hearing voices in their heads, and those that aren't. Some merchants and shop owners have said that people are coming in to their stores and just taking whatever they want, like looters...”explained Skye.
“Where is the Mayor?” asked Shantae.
“At his retreat.” said Skye.
"Care to tell me what’s happenuing?" Shantae asked at them.

"There are these creatures… monsters... have been manipulating everything and everyone for years. They come from a different world that exists somewhere beyond the sky. They invaded my homeland, mutated our animals into monsters, and turned our rulers and citizens against each other. I had enough of that and decided to go by myself to stop that." Shion replied as he explained, "After many fights and adventures, I reached their fortress, where  their leader, BioMeka was there to fight me, but I beat him before the station exploded. The falling star you seen it may be one of the remains of it."

"I see..." Shantae nodded. "And was that the last time you saw a BioMeka?" she asked.

"No. He came back but Asha beat him for me that time. I guess that was the last time he appeared." Shantae explained.
"I'm certain he's dead, I cut him down with my Scimitar myself, I watched him bleed out and collapse. BioMeka is not a man, he looks more like an octopus with one eye. He's very large, and covered in veins." Asha explained and continued. "I found him in a deep that was part of an underground water way. There was no where for him to try to escape too. His bloody ooze was on my scimitar when I left."

"Are you certain?" asked Shantae.
"Absolutely completely. I've never been more certain than I was that I killed BioMeka." said Asha.
"Well, how do you explain what is happening in Scuttle town?" asked Shantae.
"I can't. Thats part of why we came here." said Shion.

The group started walking when Shantae spotted a Pirate ship approaching the harbor. "Oh no... Risky... not now."
"What are you talking about?" asked Shion and Asha.
Asha said. "You have Pirate attacks here?"
"Well, yeah. Very often." Shantae replied.
“These Pirates are going to complicate things.” said Shion. “I understand that it is not very diplomatic; but I need to intervene because there is a live infection in this town, and it's spreading. The pirates could complicate matters here. They could put lives at risk. Brenna, we are going back to the castle and going to engage the Pirates, we just want to get them to retreat.” said Shion.
“Yes sir.” Brenna takes off back to the castle and whistles to her Fairy Elven subordinates. The Fairy Elves rush to the castle walls armed with bows and flaming arrows.
“I'm going to board their ship and parlay with their captain. If I can get them to leave, I will other than that, I… Oh no...” Shion said as he got closer to the pirate ship. “They are infested.” said Shion.
"Are you sure?! That means... Risky!" Shantae gasped.
“We will handle this, but is there anything we should know about? Who is Risky?” said Asha.
“Risky Boots owns that pirate ship! She uses small creatures called Tinkerbats as minions, they are not very strong, but could pose problems in large numbers.” explained Shantae. “I really should go with you...”
“We can handle a Pirate ship, but if they've mutated into something other than what they should be you may not know how to deal with them. I've seen from experience what creatures mutated from BioMeka infection can do. You have not.” explained Shion.
“What does Risky Boots look like?” asked Asha.
“She's taller than I am, pale skin, normally wears a Skull and crossbones hat, she carries a scimitar.” said Shantae.
“We'll try and avoid killing her if at all possible.” said Asha as she and Shion walked to the pier where the pirate ship docked. They clung to the anchor, and upon reaching the deck, then began making their way across the deck. They then opened the door to go below the deck. Asha and Shion walked down the stairs and into the corridors. The walls began to look like they were growing veins and tentacles. Asha and Shion knew what this meant. Asha checked doors for signs of Risky Boots. Behind one door they opened revealed a collection of powder kegs. Asha made a mental note that was here, and nodded to Shion.
They saw something scurrying about in the darkness. Asha turned to see what it was, but it was soon gone.  Asha covered Shion's back as they went. Suddenly no more than six arms grabbed ahold of Shion. One around each leg, one around his neck. Shion struggled and fought the creatures with what strength he could. He wound up bashing one into the side of the wall, and Asha pulled the attacking tinker bats off Shion and decapitated one with her sword. There were more noises coming from the corridors.
“They know we're down here.” said Asha.
Multiple single cyclops like eyes could be seen in the distance. They were looking directly at the invading Humans.
Outside the ship, Shantae wondered what was happening. Mayor Scuttlebutt put her his hand on Shantae from behind. “Shantae what's going on?” asked the Mayor.
"Stay here, Mayor! This means business! I'll help them!" Shantae glared and ran off.
Asha was slashing and cutting her way through the Tinkerbats. Shion made his way with her down a corridor that looked like a Captain's quarters. She expected Risky Boots to be hold up inside. The quarters were empty.
Disobeying Asha and Shion's commands, Shantae was confronted by more mutated Tinkerbats, They all had a Cyclops eye, and some had blue and pink spines on their backs.

Asha and Shion rummage around Risky's Quarters and take logs and maps. They start to make their way off the ship fighting Tinkerbats as they ran. They re-emerged out on the deck of the ship, much to their horror they saw Shantae standing on the deck of the ship fighting Tinkerbats with her hair. “What are you doing?! The ship is rigged to explode with powder kegs everywhere! Get off the ship now! I'm going to blow the ship up, and the creatures with it!”
"Not until I find out if Risky is okay!" Shantae exclaimed.

"She's not in there! I looked! Maybe she ran off when she found her ship was being taken over, I'm not sure. But I took her logs and maps. We need to have a talk when this is over too." Shion said.
"Right!" Shantae nodded and took off running in the other direction.
He hurled some magic fireballs to set the powder kegs ablaze. he also fired a fireball into the sky to let the Fairy Elf archers fire at the ship creating more fires. The Powder detonates and the whole ship. The squealing of the dying creat
Swimming back into the harbor, the three emerged back on the beach. Asha and Shion went back to the Floating castle, inside the main hall. Shion and Asha dismissed the guards and Asha closes the doors with the guards outside.
"We need to have a conversation." said Shion.
"I know you probably aren't used to doing things this way, but if you want to work with us, you need to listen to us." Asha said.
"Just because we have your lamp doesn't mean we can control you, or that you belong to us, or you have to do what we say, if you want to try and handle things your way, on your own, we won't stop you. We'll give you the lamp, you can leave any time you feel like it." explained Asha.
"But if you want to stay with us, if we tell you to do something, or not to do something, you need to listen to us, we have the experience of being in these sorts of situations before. What you did back there? Almost got you killed. So what will it be?
Shantae hung her head. “I'm sorry... Shion… I'll listen and follow instructions from now on.”
"It is." said Shion as he held hands with his wife. "We need to introduce Shantae to the Meka Dragon down below.
They walk off and go down to get Shantae and Mimic.

"Please come with us. "Asha and Shion instruct Mimic and Shantae to follow them inside the castle. The deeper they go down into the castle the more new and metallic looking the walls become. Eventually, they come to a door with a panel on it. Upon tapping the panel the door opens, and the dark inside lights up revealing a large mechanical dragon, similar to Dagron.
"Online." said the creature.
"Dragon. Conduct an analysis of these two people. Please detect for BioMeka species."
The creature spoke up. "Identify Shion. 85 % Homo-Sapiens, 15% Homo-Mystica composition. No BioMeka DNA or Parasite detected. Identify Asha. 100% Homo-Sapiens... The Dragon continued.
"New Subject 118-A, 52% Homo-Sapiens, 48% Trans-Dimensional species 419. No BioMeka DNA or Parasite detected.
"New Subject 118-B 100% Homo-Sapiens. No BioMeka DNA or Parasite detected."
"This machine was discovered by my ancestors around 900 Years ago. We think BioMeka constructed it." said Shion.
"Quite a remarkable device." said Mimic.
"And why do you guys use it?" Shantae asked.
"It provides useful insight to things we wouldn't be able to explain, like how some of BioMeka's evil magic works, and how we can use that to our advantage. You have to understand your way out of this. I don't think anything in this world is unexplainable, and that all things that happen including magic, happen for understandable and measurable reasons. There are no unexplainable things."
"Alert!" said the Dragon. "A vessel is approaching containing one sapient occupant." said the Dragon.
"Lets go capture and board and find out what they want." Shion says. Shion then turns and goes back upstairs to find Risky's Oceanic Tinker Tub approaching the floating castle. Several Fairy Elves are pointing Flaming arrows at the Tinker Tub.
"Oh what's going on?" asked Risky as she was brought aboard by the Fairy Elf Captain. "You have to be kidding me, Elves? That are also Fairies? And what's with your ridiculous Blue hairdo? Risky then looks over at Asha... And... so... are you Shantae's Cousin or something? Shantae I know you have something to do with this.
"No, Risky! It is not what you think! I can explain!" Shantae assured.
"Yeah, explain, because I've had a terrible last few days. My Tinkerbats decided to mutiny against me. At first they started acting like thy were having seizures. Then some of them grew spines and came after me! Hypno Baron says there are voices in the mind Aether. So what's going on here in Scuttle Town?

Shantae steps back and lets Asha and Shion speak. “A Malevolent Deity, with malice to Human Kind that have s returned to try and regain control of Human kind. They poison the minds of their followers with lies… and…
“Bull.” said Risky. "It looked similar to a Krakken kin, though it only had one eye instead of two." She states, holding her chin. “It didn’t look like any god, and it squealed and bled when I shot it with my flint lock pistol. They aren’t gods, and they aren’t indestructible.

“You got lucky.” said Asha. “You could have easily been left a drooling vegetable by the creature, or turned to stone, or killed!”

“Shantae, you don’t know these people. To be honest I think this is one time where we could put aside our differences. Lets stick together and handle this ourselves...

“And you lack the experience we have stopping their plans! What one knows they all know!”
“I...” Shantae Stammered.
Shantae held her hands up and waved them a few times as the two said it was "Their Job". "Woah-woah! Don't I have a say? Sequin Land is under my protection. It's technically my job, and it has been!" Shantae cried, a defiant stance taken with a stomp of her left, blue-shoe clad foot against the castle floor beneath her. "If you really have to get into the mix with these..Bio..whatevers...I'm fighting them with you! I need my home free of this corruption, no matter what it is.." Just as she was getting serious, her belly would rumble, and a weak-willed whine left the tanned genie girl. "Haa...maybe I'll take you up on that meal.." She groaned, blue eyes shut for a moment, hands resting on her taut, firm tummy.
The device looked big and complicated. The Mayor got between her, and the machine. "We have had sightings of the nefarious pirate Risky Boots and her Tinker bats. I believe the pirates intend to steal this device, she is hiding out with the Hypno Baron."
The Hypno Baron's castle was some distance away from here. It would take some time to reach. The Mayor's glances at Asha and Shion in the distance only momentarily. But he utterly ignores them otherwise.
Shantae crossed her arms. "Typical. Risky waits until I get dragged away to make her never ends.." Her eyes roll shut and she shakes her head a few times, hair following suit. Despite the Mayor's large presence, she still attempts to lean around him just to see -what- the big, overly intricate device was overall! With that specific stance though, even she knew that she wasn't allowed near it, and Uncle Mimic always told her to "Mind Tinkerers! They need their space..for safety's sake!" Shantae turned her attention to Asha and Shion soon after, raising her arms in a mutual shrug. "Now I've got two problems. Whatever this...meteor is, and now a local Pirate's up to no good again! Last time she tried to take over the Genie Realm..if she's after it again, this might have to be the last time we fight.." A frown crossed the Half-Genie's face. She'd hoped it wouldn't have to come to some..serious terms, but if Risky won't stop, Shantae might have to make her stop! "What am I gonna.." A moment of weakness was easily observed if one looked, the Half-Genie nibbling along the shape of her right index finger while she thought to herself…

"Can't you see this is a transparent attempt to get rid of you?" asked Shion. The Mayor looked at Asha and Shion and his expression turned to one of contempt…
Shantae just paused, nearly 25 nibs-deep along the surface of her finger before she drew it away. "But...." The look on the Mayor's face said it all, Shantae gasping aloud and pointing towards him. "Just what are you up to, Mayor!? If you're really sending me on a fools errand..what are you hiding!?" A glossed finger pointed right his way, and it just showed that Shantae was all too trusting..but..was it the right thing to believe?
"I...." his expression turned to anger It is as if something inside him snapped. "I need the spirit of the gods to be free so I can leave my body and join them in flight above the sky! You have no idea what you face! The gods will be free! As a Warlock of the Heavens, now is the time to kill you!"

Shantae just froze in her tracks at the description that was just said. "Didn't Asha and Shion say..something about that..?" Before the thought could be dwelled on further, the threat was made! Shantae merely held a palm out, two fingers bent, three outstretched. If he bothered to attack, then she'd do her best to not use the Scimitar Circle she tended to use for most everything in battle. The Mayor was...blatantly possessed. He wouldn't..couldn't..harm a fly!

Shion pulled out his sword. his eyes glowed and his Legendary sword charged with lightning. The Mayor began attacking Shion, rather than Shantae. The Mayor couldn't move very fast, and Shion tried not to kill him, just incapacitate him. The various workers stopped working as Asha pulled out her Caliph Scimitar.

Shion managed to incapacitate the Mayor. "The Infection here has gotten really bad." said Asha. "I'm suggesting we leave, and go back to the castle for now." said Shion. "If you still want to go this alone, and deal with on your own, say so. We'll give you the lamp and part company."

Shantae gave a rapid shake of her head at all this news. It was a lot to take in, and..she still had many questions! However - the Mayor wasn't a corpse, just..out of it. More than enough to show that if they tolerated that..less than smart individual in his present, "lethal" state, they were more than trustworthy, although that might have been the Half-Genie's overly friendly demeanor playing itself forward again. "I'd rather deal with something I don't know with help, than to go it alone. Sequin Land hasn't had anything this bad since the Pirate Master..and even then, I had a little help.." Blue eyes looked towards the couple. It almost pained her to speak her mind on the lamp, but she said: "...Keep that lamp safe, and that's about all I'll ask until we're done. When the threat's...dealt with, I'll be taking it back. Okay?" One foot remained on the downed mayor in case he decided to try and rise; It'd be trivial to stomp him back down..
The sound of a Flint Lock Pistol was being cocked from behind Asha and Shion. They turned around to see a battle worn Risky Boots... "I don't know who the Hell are you two, but I'm looking for Shantae. A Kraken invaded my ship and took over my men. It "talked" without moving its lips."
It wasn't much a surprise that she'd show up. Not only that - it confirmed that the two from that castle were correct! The Mayor's call -was- a wild goose chase! "I'm right here Risky..and we're all dealing with something worse than the likes of you. If you've got a specific problem, you can fill out a form, and I'll get back to you.." She looked down to the Mayor she was presently standing on - admittedly, a Risky-like posture! "...Since the Mayor's indisposed and you're basically public enemy #1, paper format's the way to go.." Shantae uttered before moving towards Asha and Shion. "...Did anything Risky say sound like the cause for all of this?

"You saw Biomeka?" asked Asha. "Is that what it's called? and are... you Shantae's cousin or something?" asked Risky. "No. I don't think so." said Asha. "What did it look like?" asked Shion. "A big pink Tentacled octopus looking thing with a big single Cyclops eye in the center of its head. I shot it with my Pistol and it scurried off into the darkness."

The Guardian Genie local continued to listen to the details being said. "Biomeka..?" She spoke, matter of factly, before her eyes went shut, pointed ears gently twitching as the two barked back and forth about just what it was! Another little shaking shudder ran through her at the description. "It's always something with tentacles..and with one eye.." She thought aloud to no one in particular. Regardless..this "Biomeka" had to be dealt with, and before any further briefing could be said.. "How exactly do we defeat it? It's clear that it's the threat..right?"

"You are very lucky to be alive." said Shion. "I'm not even sure how BioMeka could still be alive. I killed BioMeka running my scimitar though it myself. BioMeka is dead, and I killed it." said Asha, "The thing I saw was very much alive. It took over my ship, caused my men to Mutiny. Hypno Baron Made me this Tiara that stops its mind control abilities. Risky takes off her hat. "See? They aren't gods, or invincible. Nothing a cannon ball to the face can't take care of."

Shion crossed his arms. "These creatures came from another world thousands of years ago. They've been manipulating our history ever since they got here because they want our world's oceans. Do you really think they are worried about your Pirate ship and cannon balls?"

Shantae let a closed fist tap the tanned palm of her hand opposite. "Guess that'd explain why the town's gone crazy. They all started..building, Risky. The Mayor tried to attack us! Nobody's really making any sense but you for once, me, and..well, them. We're all that's left...and we've gotta' do something! There might not be any oceans if what Asha's saying is true. I know you'll go back to being yourself again after this is done, but for now, we need to make sure we've got seas for you to harass us on, Risky!" The look on Shantae was all too serious once more, blue eyes beaming daggers directly to Risky, since the other two were..technically familiar with the threat.
A BioMeka emerges from the water. It resembles a cross between an octopus and an Eldritch Abomination. Its thrashing tentacles making tracks in the sand. It doesn't think much of Shantae or Risky instead focusing its hatred on Asha and Shion.
"So." said Mayor Scuttlebutt. "You want to confront one of the gods."
"You need to see, Asha and Shion, that this time, your resistance is hopeless. No matter what choices you make your hopes and dreams will be crushed under the will of the gods." said the Mayor.
"How is BioMeka still alive?!" asked Asha.
"Isn't it obvious, Heretic?" said the mayor.
Additional BioMekas emerge from the water. 2, 4, then 10... Shion turns to the Mayor and asks. "How many came down from the sky?"
"None." said the Mayor.
"The agony the gods have planned for you Asha and Shion will be exquisite. As punishment for slaying our noble Progenitor." said Mayor Scuttlebutt.
Shantae kept her shoe-clad foot atop the Mayor as he spoke such..harrowing words towards the two that came from another realm entirely, alongside the other more impending threats that made themselves visible without a moment's notice. Shantae turns her head, and her eyes just widen at the sight of such large objects emerging. If one could cause all of this..even four would be too much. But ten? She knew the situation was bad, but this was proving a touch more intense than any baron or pirate could muster..and she hadn't really gotten to the point of conflict in person, yet! "...Without a doubt, I'll have to stop this.." Shantae frowned..not looking too happy with all of the objects that were currently threatening...just about all of Scuttle Land, let alone what lied beyond. Her gaze solidified once she returned to Shion and Asha. "Whatever needs to be done. I'll help." Despite her being there, Risky wouldn't matter. If she ran like a coward, she'd be given the royal welcome upon her return, personally, but for now - larger matters awaited.
"Shion and Asha had a look of desparation in their eyes. "Not entirely out of cowardice, but, Shantae. Is there any possibility you could get us away from here in the hopes of coming up with a cunning strategy to fight back? I can barely kill one of those and if I try and fight ten we will get absolutely murdered. Can you teleport us away?" asked Shion.
Shantae gave a rapid nod of her head. She didn't exactly know where she was going to take them, but if it had to be away from there..there were a few choices. Perhaps one of the other locations..something a touch more dry, if water was their concern. The Half-Genie stuck her arms out, bending them so that all relevant parties could take a hold of them. "Get in contact with me, otherwise, you're going to be left behind here.." The Half-Genie quickly took her foot off of the mayor after another stomp to ensure he wouldn't get up easily, apologizing under her breath with a light nibble of her lower lip as she sucked in a soft breath, exhaling. A veil of blue wrapped itself around Shantae's blue-clad form, hips slowly beginning to swing. There wouldn't be much time until they were preparing to depart!

For now, she'd have to leave Scuttle Town. Cape Crustacean had means to move, should any flying carpets still be about. In times like these, she was sure she could procure a fast return - with or without magic, her entire body shifting alongside her long, purple ponytail that followed the sway of her waistline, and ripple of her back when she'd gyrate to the front.Asha, Shion, and Risky held on to Shantae as they vanished. Upon arriving in Cape Crustacean,

Asha sobbed. "There were offspring. There were offspring and I didn't know. I swear I had no idea! Its all my fault!" cried Asha. "Get ahold of yourself!" said Shion. "We'll figure a way to fix this. We always managed to do it before."

Asha stopped crying as a bright light formed from nowhere. "Actually." said the voice. "You won't be able to fix this." One of the sequin land Genies appeared from the light. It is presumably, the same one as the messenger who informed her about Risky's Tinkerbrain. "I really am very sorry, you failed. We sent someone to assist you in stopping this from ever happening. You put forward an amazing effort. But ultimately, you failed, and we don't blame you. Your names should go down in every place of honor." said the messenger from the Genie realm.
"This time, there is no saving the world. What's done is done. The only thing we can do now, is boil the ocean, and steam press the world. It will kill the creatures, the Humans, and everything."
Shantae breathed another calming breath as her heart pounded - a result of using such an intense spell to break reality for just one moment before returning to it. Her eyes shut, those pointed ears of hers twitched as the grief..and sudden relief filled her head. "That voice..." Her eyes opened, looking towards that light before smiling brightly. It was good news that she'd arrived, right?! Before she could say a word though, the joy was wrought from her chest, eyes wavering in disbelief as she spoke such a bad omen. "!?" Shantae spat aloud in disbelief, before her lips fell open, an audible "NO!" Ripping itself from her throat at such news. "You can't! These people can't just be erased. We can stop it..we've got to! You're just as bad as they are if you want to wipe everyone out!" The Half-Genie trembled, falling down to her knees. It pained her heart to hear her own kind look down on the people..the world she was entrusted to keep safe. Was this really beyond her scope!? Regardless, her eyes watered..shaking her head in utter denial.
Even Risky couldn't rattle her as badly as the luminescent genie-being just did…
"I agree with Shantae." said Shion. "This is what I have fought for my entire adult life. I would rather fight to the last man than die like a coward. My wife by my side." Asha spoke up. "I will stand by my Husband, until the very end." said Asha.
"Its not a matter of will." said the Genie. "Its a matter of your fate being sealed, there are hundreds of BioMeka in the sea now, and they have been hiding in the deepest reaches to avoid detection until they were ready. They want to make this world like theirs, and Humans are just beasts of burden for their use. At first they will start the worst wars Human kind has ever seen. They will without remourse, inflict slavery, and death on a scale Humanity has never seen, they will build machines to breed you like cattle, keep you in cages like animals, feed on you, butcher more of you, your children will be born in sorrow. It will never end until you are all extinguished. Your kind as mortals will endure centuries of this."
"Until they extinguish all life and die off themselves, or leave this world to start the entire Process over with... Thats why we sent a full Genie to help you Asha." "We will find a way to stop them. We always do." said Asha.
Shantae just kept crumbled. "If you knew..why..didn't you tell us what lied in the water before...?" Shantae uttered, trembling quiver in her tone as she continued to listen. Maybe they -didn't- know, which only made it worse! The Guardian Genies were supposed to be all powerful..and at the least, on top of things like this! The details of just what the Biomeka would inevitably do to everyone, made her fall to her side as if she were kicked down further. Hysterics were...rare from Shantae like this. Perhaps her vivid imagination was making her see things she'd really never think about. Scuttle Town at least had some "sporting" villains. This was out and out disaster! "...Centuries.." Those bright blue eyes glossed over for a moment, falling quiet, tears still streaking over her tanned face. ".." Her chest rose and fell with rapid breaths, trying to keep calm..and failing. "What...can we beat them last time?" Her thoughts were jumbled, but she'd try to push logic that way.
"There was only one, last time, they are not gods and not indestructible, you can kill them as if they were any other living thing. But it took the two of us everything we had to kill the last one. We didn't know there were offspring. We had surprise on our side too. If these things can be given life, they can certainly have it taken away. I'd imagine some of the offspring didn't survive the destruction of the Fortress above the sky.." said Shion.
The Genie turned to Shantae. "Shantae. Listen. Asha and Shion are already dead. They hear the voice of the BioMeka in their heads, as they are Human. You can stay with them if you want too. You can become a full Genie, and come with me, now, and be spared. The longer you stay, the harder it will be for you when you realize the futility of this situation. ... And Asha and Shion. I would use your final days to explore everything that brings you joy, before the end comes." said the Genie. "Anything you need from me, don't hesitate to ask."
Shantae listened closely despite her being on the ground, slowly rolling to her back and letting her eyes shut. "My life hasn't ever been easy. I doubt that'll change even if I became a full genie. However..if I fail..if we...can't stop this, then.." Shantae blinked once, eyes staying shut. "...I'll be gone with everyone else. There won't be anything I could do.." A sigh left her lips as she stood. Perhaps if she became a full genie, she could perhaps..bring them back if they couldn't stop it? The questions ran through her head, and the continued thoughts just made her shake until she sat upright, rapidly bringing herself to her feet. "I..." Shantae looked away, lowering her eyes shut. "...I don't want this world to be replaced..I'll stay and fight. I might perish..but I guess if we can't solve it, and you Genies aren't going to try any further, I'll make one last stand with those who will. It's about all we've got left.."

She stepped towards Asha and Shion, turning to the source of light..and shaking her head a few times. "There's no way I can say I'd be truly happy if I watched everyone..Rottytops..Sky..Risky..Uncle Mimic..even Twitch and Vinegar aren't all bad! I couldn't watch them all suffer for years before they..they di..die.." Shantae clenched both her bronzed fists. "I'll fight to defy this..destiny as best I can!"
"I had a feeling that would be your Answer." said the Genie. "You may have found someone who actually deserves to make a wish... we'll see.I'll buy you some time, and if you find a way to stop the creatures, We'll come up with an appropriate reward for the two of you. However, we, the Genies of Sequin Land, debated this at length, and saw no solution that the creatures could not survive, and we saw no solution you could survive. Whatever you come up with, we'll at least let you try."
"Call for me, when you are ready to leave." said the Genie who departs. The light vanishes.
Shantae nodded her head. "I hope it doesn't come to that. If you really have to purge the world..and we have nothing left..just..drag me into the realm.." Shantae frowned. Despite her stance, they seemed rather keen on getting her out of there before the oceans would boil and the world would be turned asunder in the name of a new beginning. A low furrow of her eyes played out, just looking to those who'd stayed. "Well? How should we start? I know we don't have much time, but..isn't there anything we could do to strike a heavy blow?" Shantae seemed more clear now, softly wiping at her eyes to get the little streaks of tears off of her face.
"Asha." said Shion. "I think I'd like to explore joy with you in case we don't get get the chance." said Shion. Asha smiled. "Sex is fine Shion." laying her head on Shion. Shion took Asha's hand.
Shantae just couldn't believe how easily they were taking their surrender! Or at the least, how carefree they were. In either case, Shantae just let a small blush rise on her cheeks before she lowered her eyes shut. "Right. Let's go, Risky..we have to try anything at this point.." With that, she stood, gesturing for the lady-pirate to lead the way. If anyone knew about where there'd be caustic substance to try and ruin the ocean with, it'd be Risky for sure! Situations like this would otherwise incite some conflict..but all the same, the world was going to end badly anyway. Purifying the water wouldn't take much, between the two of them at the least.
"Shantae." said Shion. "Asha and I aren't giving up."
"I just want to go have sex with my wife in case this little situation kills us fighting. I said we aren't giving up, and we aren't. Also. Risky. You do something to poison the ocean, and have you not considered that poisoning the sea might poison animals and people that live up on the land?"
"As soon as I am finished having my way with Asha, We're going to get out of bed, and find out what we have to do to stop this, okay?" asks Shion.
Shantae just kept her gaze averted minus a small turn of her head. They were -clearly- going to make this their "last act", if anything. A brief "uh-huh" left her lips as she did immediately tap Risky along her back. "They make a point. If you poisoned the oceans, we'd have what's left of the Mermaids trying to kill us on top of the..Biomeka. We couldn't get away with that.." Her eyes closed shut, looking on in thought, walking a bit further from the two that were about to rut themselves in what little joy they could muster..
Asha and Shion paid for a room at a local Inn for a few hours, they went back in private, got undressed and Asha mounted Shion, and they started making love, completely naked - Asha's body was remarkably similar in Physique to Shantae's body in alot of ways, Shion was rough, and relentless and Asha loved every touch, grab, and squeeze Shion gave her. Shion eventually climaxes and releases inside her.
Asha and Shion got dressed quickly afterwards, and came out of the room they were smiling, kissing and holding hands."Alright." said Shion.
Shantae in the meantime, stood with Risky outside the establishment, none too far from the rooms, but..certainly far enough to give that needy couple their space. "...They must really be going at it if they're still in there.." She mentioned to Risky, eyes lowering shut. Nothing but the wind that sailed through the high heights of Cape Crustacean remained as the others finally came back outwards. Shantae sighed..she couldn't really blame them. If this went under, at least they had some time to speak..obviously more - to each other. It just didn't feel too good knowing they squandered time..time that could have been spent furthering the solution!
Rottytops the zombie Shambled up to Shantae. "Hey Chica!" Who are your friends.
"I'm, Shion, and this is my wife Asha. You are?" asked Shion.
"Rottytops. Shantae's our Coffee lady. We recently ran out and I wanted to see if she had some. But the closer I got to the Scuttle Town, everything started smelling like rotting Calimari and other rotting. When I walked around town, it was like nobody saw me." said Rotty.
Shantae shook her head rapidly. "Rotty..Scuttle Town's been taken over by a strange force.." She'd quickly dismiss the coffee, before expressing the utter urgency of the situation. Sure, -she- might survive as an undead, but even then - odds were slim. She was lucky to have her mind intact as it was! Even Rotty could see the building distress on the otherwise spunky Half-Genie's face emerging again, just lowering her eyes shut. "It's getting worse with every passing moment..and if we can't remove those..things from the water..from Sequin Land..we're all going to...perish.."
"What things from the water?" asked Rotty. "Creatures from another world." said Shion. "They are a kind of Super-smart Sea creatures that control Humans and other animals."
"You know sharks eat Squids. So do whales, maybe Mermaids." said Rotty.
"While I am sure that there are many creatures of the sea that could eat them, the fact they are large and strong have mind control abilities, means they can prevent themselves from being seen, or make predators think they don't want to eat them."
"Did you hear voices?" asked Asha
"I didn't hear any voices of anything at all." said Rotty.
Shantae just interjects. "Considering Rotty's...condition, it's not surprising that she doesn't hear the invaders, and if the Biomeka were edible..I don't think they'd last long in our waters. Even the starfish are generally hungry..all the time! Still..what'll we do.." Her eyes closed shut. "No more more anything. Maybe they have a mother or they take orders from? I remember Uncle Mimic telling me about how certain species have a "core", and without it, the workers and drones don't really function too great.." Just trying to get some positivity out there, the half-genie went on about the good old days.."
Excellent idea Shantae." said Shion. "I was in Scuttle Town and I didn't smell any dead fish or Calimari. Shantae, didn't you say you knew some Mermaids?"

Shantae gave a rapid nod of her head. "Yeah. I kinda' helped out the Mermaid Queen after some brief trouble with the Techno Baron..we're in good standing! Haven't really checked up on her since after the last problem.." She spoke, blatantly referring to Risky and her machinations..again. A low huff fled the Half-Genie, but there wasn't much further to discuss in that regard. "If we're going to meet her, we need to go to Mermaid Falls. Hopefully it's still in one piece.." Shantae added, already stepping to a clear space if that -was- the plan.
"The plan I am drawing up so far, is as follows: We go to the Mermaid falls. Asha and I can't breathe undewater, but I am confident Mermaids can. There are Mermaids in Alsedo. We get them to swim down to draw out the leader. Once the leader surfaces, Asha and I try to kill it. If it dies, I'll bet they can't control the minds of people and other animals for a short time, then, all the animals will see the BioMeka as prey.
Shantae points a single finger. "I can turn into a Mermaid. Kind of easily, I can lead the charge if need be. Otherwise, that sounds like a plan.." Shantae let one arm raise, building up that soundless, music-emptied tempo that sent her backside into a wobble. Hips shifting from left to right, a familiar blue grew bright, resonating with her eyes. "Warp Dance..come on! We're heading out to Mermaid Falls' back cliffs. From there, we can meet with Giga, and from there we'll move.." Her arms stuck out to the sides, and an audible snap of magical energy rung out as she took that pose. Last chance for anyone who was coming to grab on, one way or another!

Rottytops is busy "typing on her "Web Spider" her message reads: Poe and Abner: Found the Coffee lady. Hoping she will lead us to the good stuff. Hang tight."

Giga Mermaid emerges from the water with somewhat of a frown on her face. She's not angry but she does look sad. "A whole bunch of my subjects were attacked by these Octopus fiends. Some of them turned on their companions and started fighting each other. when I saw the cause of the trouble, I blasted them with my crown." She points to three dead Juvenile BioMeka's she killed.
"Who are you?" asks the Giant Mermaid.
"My name is Shion and this is Asha, we are Mercenaries from the Fairy Elf nation of Alsedo." said Shion.
"Ohhhkay...." Giga Mermaid looks to Shantae wanting an explanation.

Shantae gave a casual bow of her form before the Giga Mermaid before she began to explain. "Well, you see.." The Mermaid too, would be given the particular lecture on the Biomeka, the waters being filled with foul beasts, the happenings on land slowly taking over, and so forth! She'd also go on to add the introduction of Asha and Shion..and just -who- they were, ensuring they were allies, not enemies. The last thing they'd needed was to fight here, when something worse didn't lie too far away..not with that Biomeka mass dead behind the queen.


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