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Zelda rest upon a balcony tired as she had been roaming the halls when a guard came sprinting around a corner nearly running into a divider, "Princess! Princess!" He exclaims out of breath stopping to gain a breather in front of the noblewoman. "I'm terribly sorry to disturb you but we have a child exclaiming to have very important news, that could determine the fate of Hyrule." Giving the usual kneel before presenting the issue and awaiting an answer. "Take me to this child I must hear for myself," she offers a hand to the guard awaiting the urgent news.
The Skull Kid is dragged by his wooden hand "Hey not so rough!" by the Captain of the guards. The guard captain commanded "You will walk or I will carry you." Alight! Alright!" The Skull kid was brought to Zelda.
Seeing the child causes Zelda to quirk a brow, kneeling down so the two were eye and eye she offers a soft smile, "Now take your time what news do you bring?" Listening carefully to the story as to not miss a detail.
"You need to listen to everything I have to say, the future of Hyrule is at stake in this. My name's Makar." said the boy. "I have spent the past three years in a world like this one, I don't know if this is the past or the Future. I just know that because of a mistake, a single mistake, they know we are here."
"Who are they? Don't spare a single detail Makar if it involves the fate of these people, standing next to you I must know," she places a soft hand upon his shoulder.
"Humans are like Hylians, but their ears are round rather than pointed. They live in towns like Hylians and have houses."
"Odd they seem just like us why would the want to end our world?" Thinking to herself she stands and begins to pace wanting to come up with a logical reason.
"Its not the fact they want to end our world. You have to read the Book of the Holy word to truly understand." he said. "I will try and remember the story as best I can." said Makar. "But I need to give you these." he empties his Rupee sack and it has many strange gold coins with a strange language inscribed. "Take this as proof of what I am going to say."
“Our holy parents descended from the Heavens, to the world of Soleil, and saw the world covered in darkness, without light. The father, displeased with what he saw, sent a signal that there would be a change in the world, a separation of the light from the darkness, and the world of Soleil would be set on it's intended destiny." Makar repeated what he had memorized.
Raising one of the gold pieces so the light reflected off of it Zelda examined to odd piece with her soft eyes listening to the child's words as she did. Everything so far had intrigued her instead of frighten but they did just start talking.
“The great Mother Dragon, leader of the monsters, and her many dragon children loved and thrived in the darkness, and when the gods saw that the children of the mother dragon were filling the world, he commanded they retreat back into the darkness, and when they did not comply, our holy mother and holy father struck the world with a great beam of light in anger, many of the monsters with no resistance to the light perished, and the mother Dragon and her children retreated through the gate back to the dark world.”
"The great mother Dragon pleaded with the gods over the deaths of her many children. "Why? Why have you done this to us Lord and Lady? We do not understand. Do not the Father and the Mother love all of their children the same?" said Makar.
Zelda knelt back down to meet the child's gaze, "You're very knowledgeable of this subject I respect your choice for coming over here very kindly."
The Father replied. "I wrote the law, I gave the Humans the world of Light, and the Dragons the world of Darkness. My law is absolute, and I punish those who do not follow my laws. My punishment was fair, fair to the Humans whose land, livestock, and people you violated. You will accept my laws, or be extinguished if you refuse to live by them." said the father.
"Thats all I remember." said Makar.
"I thank you once again, so what I have gathered is that these Human's are seen as children of a god who symbolizes a good?" She looks down to the child to assure her theory was correct. "And the Dragons we're the evil? So they are coming to Hyrule for some evil I'm guessing but what?"
"Well, that gets into my whole experience. You see, I was sent there by Din the goddess of power. She said I had five years she wanted me to complete a task in."
"This must be serious indeed if you have come all this way," rubbing her chin the whole scenario seemed odd as most things are but this one just seemed to catch her thought power immensely.
"Well, I just wanted to go home, I had to get job working at a mill for really long time. I also had a run in with a Fortune Teller who I think was a sorceress in their world." explained Makar
"I had to pay for an apartment, Medicine, and many other things with those coins."
"A child your age working?" Confused with this way or ethics excited a reaction from the Princess, "Do you know if there is a way I can speak with one? I also apologize if I'm being a burden with my questions."
"Not just me, but many Dragons young and old alike."
Skull Kid Makar tells the story to Zelda, he talks of his 9 hour days working in the Mill and the Dragons who worked there. He explains that he worked looms and textiles, weaving fabrics. The fabrics would be put up for sale, sometimes dragons would be injured on the machines used to weave, and would be fired for that. Other times struck for falling asleep on the job.
The Princess listens intently to the story slightly horrified at the conditions of work worrying slightly for the child, "Interesting would you like to have a place to rest as we talk more instead of standing hear him?" Offering a hand to Makar before sanding.
"Well I'm not finished telling my story, but okay." said Makar.
"Oh I know but I wouldn't want you to feel uncomfortable, I have the space for it." Leading him away to a small lounge room Zelda sits upon one of the couches offering a seat for him. "Now continue whenever you feel ready and don''t be afraid to ask me for anything." said Zelda.
"I need to tell you about the Fortune Teller, she is perhaps the only reason I am here to tell you this story today. I almost met with a horrible fate, however because of the Fortune Teller, I was spared." replied Makar.
"A fortune teller how odd," crossing her legs and relaxing into the couch for the long stories ahead.
"I was told by the Clergy that the gods could help one discover one's path the gods laid out for mortals. That each person is different, and that I should speak to a Shaman, who is a robed man with a magic staff, to find my way in this world, but all I could think about was getting back to Hyrule. I was told by one of my dragon friends, a boy named Hacey, that there was a Fortune Teller on the other side of the Town of Iris who lived in a house that could help some people live up to the gods expectations. He believed that as a Wood Golem, which is what they called me, I should go see her."
"The Temple Shaman have magic powers like the men in the Sanctuaries do in Hyrule. They can heal the sick. But if you have broken the laws of the gods, you can be punished with skin boils, fevers, blindness, deafness and mute." Makar explained. “So when the chance came to speak to someone else, I decided that was the better option.”
Link walked in. "Princess, I heard there was a strange boy at the castle gates? What is going on?"
"Come, come sit he's here speaking with me right now and he has talked about some interesting things," She motions him inside with a gentle wave.
"Link this is Makar he says to have come her with an urgent message for us about Humans." She motions once again to the boy and turns to face the child once again.
"As I was saying." I went to the Fortune Teller's shop. At first I heard someone else in there. The sound of a woman scolding a man for betraying his wife, she told him his fate was sealed, that he had betrayed his wife by fathering illegitimate children by another woman, and beating his legitimate son, and as such, a Shaman would strike him dead by sundown for all his past transgressions, and that she could not prevent this."
"I nervously went in the Tent. To my amazement, she knew my name. Before I said anything she said I was a Tree Sprite named Makar."
"I didn't know what a Tree sprite was, but I think she was trying to call me a Kokiri." Makar says giving Zelda a chance to respond.
This woman must hold immense knowledge to know such things before they happen such as your name," The Princess returns to rubbing her chin piecing the story together from the start sure there was more.
"She said her gift was not to see into the future but to see into the hearts of men, or rather, Humans and Dragons, and inform them of the consequences of their intentions and actions. The funny thing was, until meeting her, I didn't know my name was Makar. If that is so, she knew because I remembered what my name was somewhere in my mind, but somehow forgot."
"She said I was on a long journey, but I was being brave in the face of the many trials the gods put in front of me. The gods were watching my every move, and always have been. I was told only to persevere, and continue down the road the gods laid out before me." said Makar
"I do not know what gods she meant." said Makar waiting for Zelda's response.
"A rather religious point of view it seems," chuckling softly she uncrossed her legs leaning forward. "But seemingly the only way to keep faith within the hearts of many. So about you forgetting your name how did you feel when she told you?"
"So not understanding, I went back to my life there, doing what the Humans and Dragons there do. Until I started hurting. At first I thought it was injuries from my job at the mill, but soon every part of me started feeling stiff and sore. I went to the Fortune Teller, who because of my encounter I thought I could trust."
"She said that this was not the beginning of something, but rather the end of something. She said that the Puppet Master that animated me infused me with a form of magic that would only last so long, and that the magic was almost depleted." said Makar.
"My life as a Tree Sprite was spent, and it was time for me to begin reverting back into a tree. I Panicked." exclaimed Makar.
Link looked at the Skull Kid oddly. He then looked to Zelda.
"Did she do something to fix it or is that when you ended up coming to Hyrule?" She leaned forward intrigued even more so than before. Noticing Links stare from the corner of her eye Zelda turns to face the hero, "Yes?"
"This story gets more and more bizarre." said Link.
"Well the Fortune teller said that my fate was ultimately in the hands of the Father and the mother gods, but, she said there was a magic potion that could refill and re-infuse me with new magic, but the potion was expensive, more than 6,000 Malins which I did not have. So she offered me a deal…"
"Oh here we go…" said Link.
"Sign this Contract, be her servant, and work off the debt. I was in a panic. I didn't know what else to do you see?"explained Makar
"I understand your choice although my acquaintance here sees to think otherwise," The Princess notes giving a very bow before allowing him to continue.
"So, she had me drink this potion, and drew some symbols on paper with a pen. The symbols glowed on paper, and then she opened my mouth and affixed the paper to the roof of my mouth, burning it as she did so, the paper melted into my mouth and hurt for a minute or two, then I started feeling much better. She said that it was done and to remember what I owed her, and to come when she summoned me." said Makar.
"Sounds like you got taken." said Link.
"I see your finally interested in the story Link," Zelda teases before returning her attention to the child. Drawn in by the intrinsic nature of the story and it's content.
"So the next day I went back to her house and I wanted to see what she expected me to do after working at the Mill. There were guards at her house. Also there was someone with one of the magic sticks there too. They seemed to be talking about money. She apparently was supposed to be paying a fee to the Temple for operating her business, but was either not sending money or not sending enough. She protested and was repeatedly slapped in the face. The man with the magic staff told the guards to take half of all her money, and they basically robbed her, ransacking her house and her shop like bandits." explained Makar.
"Something told me not to get involved and that trying to stop them would result in me getting seriously hurt or killed. So... I stayed away, as much as I wanted to help her." said Makar. "After that, I went back later in the evening, but there was another man with her, no guards, just a man with silvery white hair having tea with her. Talking with her about the fact she was robbed. The man expressed concern for her well being, saying that it was best to just move on and not to worry, and merely to accept what it was for what it was."
"This group doesn't seem to share a concern for their citizens at all," A look of worry crossed her face quickly as she began to shuffle uneasily. This seemed to take a quick turn Zelda expected a peaceful entrance of the story not for a dark turn.” said Zelda.
"The Fortune Teller came out and told me she had no need of me and told me to go home. I came back a few more times over the weeks, and more and more often, the same silver haired man was with her. I wondered if this were a member of her family, or perhaps a man she was going to marry." explained Makar, “but thats not what happened.”
Quirking a brow it seemed like an odd twist to have no use of someone you tried hard to save, "This teller confuses me why go through the trouble of saving you only to have you leave?" Retains her urge to ponder once again as she would after most of the child's breaks in speech.
“One day there was a sign posted outside her shop stating she was closed for business and would resume her business at a certain day and time. I thought that this meant there was going to be a wedding." said Makar. "That the man who was seeing her was courting her, and she agreed to marry him." Makar said. "I felt happy for her."
That night I returned to her home, to see what she wanted me to do for her wedding. I heard shouting and arguing inside the house. It was the fortune teller and the silver haired man from before. They were fighting over something. There was mentions of being married to him, but from the discussion, it was if the wedding had already happened. He said that as long as she wore his ring, she was bound by her promise." said Makar.
The man grabbed her by the wrist, squeezing her hard, and pulled her to him. "Your hurting me." she cried out. "Stop." he hoisted her over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes." He carried her up to her bedroom, All I could here was crying from for what seemed like two hours. " finished Makar.
Zelda jumped slightly gasping as she did, "T-that sounds..." Lost for words for once she sat there uneasy with the topic. Looking to Link for support she remains quiet shifting gaze between the two of them.
"The man left the house, and once I was sure he could not see me sneaking inside, I went in her house as fast as I could, and ran up the stairs, and I found the Fortune teller sobbing in her bed, her clothes in a pile on a chair. She held out her hand to me and I took it. She said: "It will be okay. Makar, you have learned everything you need to, and your time here is done, you can go back to where you came from." she had me fetch a slip of paper, with strange writing on it. She told me to touch the symbols on the gate in the order on the page." he said. "The gate opened and I jumped in, and then I fell through a tunnel and was back in Hyrule... just like that." said Makar.
Taking a deep breath Zelda let out a deep sigh focusing onto the child, "Well that explains how you got here and I must Thank you for not sparing any details." She offer a light bow, "And if you need anything I'm wiling to provide it for you."
"There is one more thing." said Makar.
"Just before I left, there was a man speaking on a soap box that wore clothes almost like Link, but he wore a white Tabard and Tunic, he had red hair, and a blue cap with a feather, and a golden glowing sword, it telling everyone to remain calm, and that the gods protection of the world of Soleil was still strong, and that there was nothing to worry about, and he urged no one to panic, and that his investigations found nothing. I have no idea what he was talking about." said Makar.
“Din said I had five years. I think it's been three. I don't know what Din thinks I can change.” said Makar. “If something so terrible from that world exists it can harm a goddess…”
“Another Triforce perhaps?” asks Zelda.
“Alright, what do you expect us to do about it?” asked Link.
“I have no idea.” said Makar. “After I leave, I'm going back to the lost woods, and trying to not think about the future, and enjoy the fact that I don't have to wake up at dawn to go spin textiles in a mill for 6 to 8 hours a day.” Makar said leaving Hyrule castle.
Makar made his way back to the lost woods. He walked though the trees and into the fog. Flashes of the past went through his mind. He looked at the trees, he thought he saw something in the trees. He looked at a branch on the tree, it looked like a twisted arm. Makar had never noticed this before. Perhaps he was incapable of seeing this before. He walked deeper into the forest. He noticed the fairies weren't flocking to him. He walked into a clearing where he saw the huge form of the great Deku Tree, or rather the husk that remained of the great Deku Tree, long covered by green moss. He looked up at the face of the tree, and then he turned, and looked around. He saw faces in the trees. Some were looking at him. Some of the faces looked twisted and contorted. A fear came over him. He walked out of the clearing, and sat under a tree without a face.
Sleeping on the grass wasn't the same. He missed having blankets and a mattress. He relaxed on the cold ground. The forest had not changed, he had as a result of his experiences. He didn't want to think about the trees in the forest. He didn't want to think about the towns and the mill. He just wanted to sleep, hoping when he woke up he could play in the Lost woods as he always had. That just wasn't possible.


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